Remembering Jeffrey R. Miller

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Jeff Smith

Thank you Jeff Miller for teaching my wife the skills that she learned when she was working for you at a young age and the life skills she learned  at your home when she was a teenager thank you for blessing her and our family you are missed-🙇🏼 there is a time here and then a time to come –

June 12, 2021

Roger Johnson

What a great fun, fabulous friend Jeff was!! Always eager to ride, workout, challenge himself, and learn new things!! I miss him coming to the gym early to talk, or make plans on the weekend rides, or learn a new exercise!!

June 10, 2021

Joel Miller

Uncle Jeff loved Shauf so much! I remember seeing one photo, later than this one, where him and Shauf were forehead to forehead just looking at each other. You could sense the love, admiration, and respect between the two of them.

Shauf will always grow up knowing how much is Papa Jeff loved him.

June 7, 2021

Roberta Miles

I knew Jeffrey in high school. We hung out together, Jeff, my best friend and me. We use to call him “little Miller.” Jeff was the warmest, most loving kid. And funny too. The world is less bright without him.
June 14, 2021

Diana miller

Reading buddies

June 14, 2021


Always with a sense of humor. Always had a witty remark. 365 days without him but looking forward to seeing him again.

June 10, 2021
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